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42 Morning Affirmations [KICK-START YOUR DAY!]

Morning Affirmations
Morning Affirmations

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Kick-start your day off by listening to and taking in these 42 inspiring and uplifting morning affirmations that have all been especially crafted to ensure that you start your day the right way.

As with all affirmations with more re-listens of these morning affirmations you can start to see greater results – in other words don’t just listen to these affirmations TODAY… try listening to them every morning for a week and then take a look at how you are feeling about things.

These morning affirmations will help to attract a great amount of positivity and abundance into all areas of your life and to improve your overall day. The power of simple positive re-enforcement should not be underestimated and by listening to these positive affirmations first thing in the morning they really do have the power to add love, good fortune and optimism to your whole day.

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