Deer breaks into American Eagle shop

Deer breaks into American Eagle shop

Deer smashes through American Eagle retail store window.

Oh, deer: After getting trapped inside an American Eagle store in Stillwater, Oklahoma, a deer escaped by smashing antlers-first through the storefront window. Startled bystanders say the buck went off running.

Video footage shows the deer running through the store and then jumping through a glass window.

The wild animal managed to get into the shop – but decided there was only one logical way by which to get out

This is the dramatic moment a deer that broke into an American Eagle Outfitters shop – decided to leave by smashing straight through a glass window.

A video of the deer’s escape route was uploaded on Twitter by Alec Williams, who wrote: “A deer smashed its way into American Eagle … then left the only way he knew how.”

In the clip, the deer can be seen running through the racks of clothes before taking a leap straight through the window display and crashing straight through the glass.

Upon impact, the glass immediately shattered, allowing the deer to run back out into the open.

It is not known how badly it was injured in the incident.

The store in question is believed to be the American Eagle Outfitters in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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